KARLSRUHE, 07.-10. Juni 2015 // 66. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) // Freundschaftstreffen mit der Italienischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie, SINch


Monday, June 8, 2015, 10:20 - 12:00
MO.12 Friendship Meeting 2: Spine
Maurizio G. C. Fornari (Rozzano/I)
Bernhard Meyer (München)
Room: Room 2.05
10:20 MO.12.01 Keynote lecture: Neurogenic Intermittent Claudication Evaluation (NICE) study: A prospective randomized controlled trial comparing minimally invasive interspinous process device (IPD) with standalone decompressive surgery – 12 month results
Bernhard Meyer (München)
10:30 MO.12.02 Keynote lecture: Anterior and posterior approach to cranio-cervical junction by the aid of 3D imaging navigation
Maurizio G. C. Fornari (Milano/I)
10:40 MO.12.03 Keynote lecture: Transforaminal endoscopic surgery for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation – report of 20 cases
Natale Francaviglia (Palermo/I)
10:50 MO.12.04 The impact of surgical treatment for metastatic spinal cord compression on the patients' functional outcome
Sami Ridwan, Konstantinos Gousias, Matthias Simon (Bonn)
11:00 MO.12.05 XLIF with stand-alone cage for treatment of L4-L5 discopathy associated with L5 sacralization
Fulvio Tartara, Marco Bozzaro, Federico Pecoraro, Diego Garbossa, Alessandro Ducati (Cremona/I, Torino/I)
11:10 MO.12.06 Stand-alone XLIF L4-L5 associated with ALIF or PLIF L5-S1 to restore distal lumbar lordosis in severe discopaties: evaluation of 10 cases.
Fulvio Tartara, Marco Bozzaro, Marco Ajello, Diego Garbossa, Alessandro Ducati (Cremona/I, Torino/I)
11:20 MO.12.07 Long-term outcome after surgical treatment of 118 patients with pyogenic infections of the spine
Thomas Kriesen, Christian Henker, Jürgen Piek (Rostock)
11:30 MO.12.08 Effect of mono- or bisegmental lordosizing fixation on short-term global and index sagittal balance: a radiographic study
Ilaria Melloni, Oliver P. Gautschi, Karl Schaller, Enrico Tessitore (Genève/CH)
11:40 MO.12.09 Cortical bone screws are a real alternative to traditional pedicle screws for the treatment of degenerative lumbar disease
Nicola Marengo, Marco Ajello, Marco Bozzaro, Federico Pecoraro, Diego Garbossa, Alessandro Ducati (Torino/I)
11:50 MO.12.10 Surgical strategy in spondylodiscitis, do stand-alone pedicle screws induce fusion?
Naureen Keric, Joo-Hun David Eum, Jens Conrad, Feroz Afghanyar, Sven Rainer Kantelhardt, Alf Giese (Mainz)

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