55th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
1st Joint Meeting with the Hungarian Neurosurgical Society
Cologne, 25 - 28 April 2004
Welcome Addresses
Joint Meeting
Opening Ceremony

1st Joint Meeting with the Hungarian Neurosurgical Society


Prof. Dr. med. N. Klug
Prof. Dr. med. R.-I. Ernestus
Klinik für Neurochirurgie
Klinikum der Universität zu Köln
D-50924 Köln
Phone +49 221 478-4550
Fax +49 221 478-6257
E-Mail dgnc2004@medizin.uni-koeln.de

István Nyáry, M.D., Ph.D.
P. Várady, M.D.
National Institute of Neurosurgery
Amerikai út 57
H-1145 Budapest
Phone +36 1 251-9869
Fax +36 1 251-5678
E-Mail pvarady@yahoo.com

08:45 JM I.01 Welcome Notes
N. Klug, Köln 
I. Fedorcsák, Budapest 
H.-P. Richter, Günzburg

JM I  Joint Meeting - History, Legal and Ethical Issues, European Union
Moderation: Fedorcsák I. (Budapest), Tonn J.-C. (München)
09:00 JM I.02 History of German-Hungarian Neurosurgical Connections
Nyáry I. (Budapest/H)
09:20 JM I.03 Organization of Neurosurgery in Hungary
Fedorcsák I. (Budapest/H)
JM I.04 Organization of Neurosurgery in Germany
Tonn J.-C. (München)

09:45 JM I.05 Medicolegal issues in Hungary
Kopniczky Z. (Szeged/H)
JM I.06 Medicolegal issues in Germany
Ernestus R.-I. (Köln)
10:10 JM I.07 European Union - Hungary: DRG system
Dóczi T. (Pécs/H)
JM I.08 European Union - Germany: EU implementations
Kloiber O. (Köln)
10.35 Coffee Break
JM II  Joint Meeting - Monitoring and Imaging, Geriatrics
Moderation: Csécsei G. I. (Debrecen), Unterberg A. (Heidelberg)
11:00 JM II.01 Our first experiences with bold functional MR imaging
Martos J., Osztie É., Machovitsch Á., Nyáry I. (Budapest/H)
JM II.02 Intraoperative imaging with MRI and ultrasound
Wirtz C. R., Tronnier V. M., Metzner R., Unterberg A., Bonsanto M. M. (Heidelberg)

11:25 JM II.03 Biomarkers: A novel tool for the monitoring of severe brain injury
Buki A., Farkas O., Pál J., Doczi T., Povlishock J. T., Pineda J., Wang K. W. W., Hayes R. 
(Pécs/H, Richmond/USA, Gainesville/USA)
JM II.04 Olfactory ensheathing cells - Perspectives for nerve cell regeneration
Wedekind C., Fleischmann B. K., Stephan M., Hescheler J., Klug N. 

11:55 JM II.05 Prognostic value of motor-evoked potentials in patients operated on space-occupying processes in the spinal canal
Csécsei G. I., Ruszthi P., Mikó L., Székely G. (Debrecen/H)
JM II.06 The value of intraoperative direct stimulation during surgery in and around the 4th ventricle
Strauß C. (Erlangen)
12:20 JM II.07 Experiences in neurosurgery of the elderly
Major O., Várady P., Papp Z., Fekete Z., Szeifert G., Vajda J., Nyáry I. (Budapest/H)
JM II.08 Degeneration and spinal instability. An indication of fusion?
Schumacher H.-W., Weidner A. (Osnabrück)

12.45 Lunch Break
JM III  Joint Meeting - Young Neurosurgeons - Free Topics
Moderation: Firsching R. (Magdeburg), Várady P. (Budapest/H)
14:15 JM III.01 Hyaluronan content of arteries in patients with cerebral aneurysm
Klekner A., Felszeghy S., Tammi R., Tammi M., Csécsei G., Módis L.(Debrecen/H, Kuopio /FIN)
JM III.02 Cerebral microdialysis in severe head injury (SHI) and aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)
Haux D., Sakowitz O., Kiening K., Sarrafzadeh A., Unterberg A. (Heidelberg, Berlin)
14:40 JM III.03 In-vivo nuclear magnetic resonance studies for water quantification: Experimental and human applications
Schwarcz A., Berente Z., Ősz E., Pál J., Kövér F., Dóczi T. (Pécs /H)
JM III.04 Continuous computer-based monitoring in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage
Reithmeier T., Pakos P., Löhr M., Ernestus R.-I. (Köln)
15:05 JM III.05 Application of gene therapy in neurosurgery: BMP gene therapy
Várady P., Helm G. A., Hudson S., Nyáry I. 
(Budapest/H, Charlottesville/USA)
JM III.06 Anti-angiogenic therapy of malignant glioma: from basic science to clinical translation
Vajkoczy P. ( Mannheim)
15:30 JM III.07 Experiences with ferumoxtran-10, an iron-oxide nanoparticle as contrast material in imaging of brain tumors
Bagó A., Várallyay P., Könyves-Kolonics L., Neuwelt E. A. (Portland/USA, Budapest/H)
JM III.08 Functional neuronavigation in lesions of the central region by means of magneto-encephalography – practicability and clinical results
Bondar I., Firsching R., Knape S., Noennig N., Heinze S. (Magdeburg)
15:55 JM III.09 Summary of the Joint Meeting
Klug N. (Köln)